About Us

Celebrating 40 Years | 1982-2022

Back in the late 70's, two high school friends would rather spend late nights in the garage working on their race cars than going to the local disco. This desire, this passion for racing drove them to fabricate their own race cars (S&D Race Cars) and travel across the country racing competitively. Dealing with the common inconveniences of daily racing life, this dynamic duo started creating solutions. The products they developed became popular with fellow racers and enthusiasts alike. Pit Pal™ Products was born. Slowly, the focus shifted away from race car building as demand exploded for the Pit Pal™ Product line. Disco died, but hard work, desire, and innovative ideas helped to launch a very successful business that fulfilled the common need for racers and enthusiasts to get organized. Fast-forward 40+ years and Pit Pal™ Products manufactures hundreds of products, has a worldwide distribution network and is still pushing the envelope to develop, design and produce the best for you, our customers. Forty years of race car and component fabrication and a relentless commitment to quality, innovation, and value, has made Pit Pal™ Products the industry leader. Every product that is stamped with the Pit Pal™ logo is designed and built by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. Whether you have a trailer, garage, shop, office, or home, it is essential to have a functionally organized environment. Since our introduction, we have manufactured top-of-the-line products, untouched by our competitors. Enthusiasts in the industry have come to know our products and ask for us by name. We manufacture products for everyone including race teams, trailer manufacturers, fabrication and speed shops, home builders, and distributors.

Pit Pal™ Products are designed by skilled fabricators with quality, affordability and convenience in mind. We strive to surpass the competition with our state-of-the-art designs. Our creative, devoted staff oversees the entire production process from raw materials to final assembly and shipment. Our committed sales team consists of both experienced racers and automotive enthusiasts to provide exceptional customer service by phone, fax, and e-mail. You will see us across the country at various events and trade shows. You will see us listening, watching, and learning of your current accessory needs and future desires. That is our commitment to you, our customer. This information is vital to the development of even more new and innovative solutions to organize your world. Let us show you our commitment, or place an order and let our products speak for themselves. We look forward to outfitting your needs.